Tempat Jasa Print Warna murah - online 24 Jam - Jakarta Timur - Rawamangun

Cheap Color Print Services Location in East Jakarta - Rawamangun 24

Here we serve Color Print Services - Cheap black and white print . Idola Printing serves cheap color printing services , printing documents such as e-books, theses, novels, lectures, and also binds books like theses, monthly report theses, annual reports and other books, according to your needs.

We also provide online services by sending files / data via email, and notifying via telephone, Wa etc.
How to Order:
·       Send files / documents that will be printed via email.
·       Determine the size and type of paper to be used
·     Paying for the transfer of the advance sign to be a job and sending the destination address to send the item.

For more details, you can contact our contact person below

Jl. Waru No.23A, RT.7 / RW.7, Rawamangun, Pulo Gadung, Kota Jakarta Timur, Special Capital Region of Jakarta 13220
Email: blog.percetakan@gmail.com
Hp / WA: 0821 222 75 272

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